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Hagen Lightbringer

Hagen Lightbringer war erst Sicherheitsoffizier / stv. Leiter, später Leiter der Farstar Allianz (FALL). Ausserdem Bürgermeister der Stadt Ecaril von April 2009 - The End.

Name: Hagen Lightbringer
Erstellt: 05.12.2003
Holo Professions:
  1. Master Medic
  2. Master Droid Engineer
  3. Master Musican
  4. Master Merchant
  5. Silent
Jedi Iniate Unlock: 25.12.2004
PreCu Jedi Skillung: MLS, MDEF, Healer 4-4-4-0
Badges: 382
Höchster GCW Rebel Rank: General
Höchster GCW Imperial Rank: General
Winner Imperial Leaderbord 1st Place: 04.11.2010 15.45%


"There are two types of men who remain silent. Evil men who are to busy scheming to bother talking, and noble men who let
their actions speak for them." - Vampire Hunter D

Server Firsts - Europe-FarStar:

Singing Mountain Clan Angler
Singing Mountain Clan Hunter
Tusken Terrorizer